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Contact Christine Alfaro  Christine Alfaro (213) 217-8630 Counselor, Visual Arts Academy
Contact Sue Cartagena  Sue Cartagena Counselor, Dance Academy
Contact Karla Marquez  Karla Marquez College Counselor
Contact Salvador Miranda  Salvador Miranda Counselor, Music Academy
Contact Carmen Ocheita  Carmen Ocheita (213) 217-8758 Counselor, Theater Academy
Contact Karissa Reese  Karissa Reese School Psychologist
Contact Laura Travnitz  Laura Travnitz Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW)

Welcome to the Counseling Department

Ramon C. Cortines School Code (CEEB/ACT): 054376

Use this code as needed on SAT, ACT, and college application paperwork.

Grade 9 Counselors

Academy Last Name Counselor Location
Dance A-Z Ms. Cartagena Dance Office
Music A-Z Mr. Miranda Music Office
Theatre A-Z Ms. Ocheita Theatre Office

A-M (9th Grade)
N-Z (9th Grade)
A-Z (10-12th Grades)

Ms. Cartagena
Ms. Ocheita
Ms. Alfaro

Dance Office
Theatre Office
Visual Office


Grades 10-12 Counselors

Academy Counselor Location
Dance Ms. Cartagena Dance Office
Music Mr. Miranda Music Office
Theatre Ms. Ocheita Theatre Office
Visual Ms. Alfaro Visual Office


  • Academic
  • Personal
  • Social
  • College and Career
  • PSA
  • PSW
  • COST
  • SST
  • 504

Need a letter of recommendation?

We require students to fill out a brag sheet before asking for a letter of recommendation.  BRAG SHEET [PDF]